​​Your Fit Home 


We created a series of e-books to help with your home renovation. One book for each area of the home & yard.

The Your Fit Home series of e-books are filled with important tips for safety, what your home needs for future stages of family life and a checklist so you can assess your home. There is also a chart so you can prioritize your to do list.

​To check out our books email us at info@adamsondesign.ca and we will send you a free trial copy.


Live in a home that works for your family for all ages and stages.

Design Smart. Build Once.

Adamson Design can help you with smart decisions for your home renovation or new build. 

Order our new e-books to simplify the design process. Great for DIY!

Worried About Safety in the Home?

Home is your refuge, your place to relax and recharge.

There may come a time when your needs and priorities change and your home will need to support your new reality.

Design changes that make your home friendlier, safer and more comfortable can extend the time you can live at home.

Often the changes are less expensive than moving to a retirement or independent living facility, with the added benefit of remaining in your community with friends, family and familiar places.

​​​Renovating or Building a Home?

​Do you want a design that works with your family as it changes?  

If you are considering a renovation and want to remain in your home for as long as possible, planning ahead will save you time and money.  A Certified Aging in Place Specialist will help you design your home to suit your family through all its stages of life.  

Universal Design features such as wider doorways, a lighting plan for all ages, barrier free showers and a kitchen with multilevel countertops and sliding drawers will help family and visitors function with ease in your home. Function can be beautiful.